Why Have Community Groups?

People are busy and churches have lots to do. So, why put time and effort into Community Groups (or small groups)?

1. To Make Disciples.
This is the great commission that Jesus left us. It’s in community groups that we build into each other and disciple each other further along in Christ. We teach each other to obey Jesus more faithfully, and journey together in that process. An effective Community Group is a place where disciples are being made and through that Jesus is being glorified.

2. To Shepherd the Whole Flock
Unless you are the pastor of a church that has less than about 120 people, you simply won’t be able to effectively shepherd the flock and you’ll kill yourself trying. But through establishing community groups and training and shepherding leaders a pastor is able to ensure that everyone is being shepherded, cared for, loved and nurtured.

3. To Live out the “One Another’ Commands of the New Testament
As we survey the 50+ “one another” commands in the New Testament, its obvious that many or most of them simply can’t occur in a gathering with any more than 50 people. Care for one another, Pray for one another, confess your sins to one another, bear one another’s burdens, encourage one another. These are just a few of the biblical commands for gospel-centered community, that require that we actually know each other, what each other are going through and be able to live as community.

4. To Unleash the Church in Prayer
On Sundays, one person prays during our worship gathering. Due to the diverse group gathered, many of whom don’t know each other, the prayers given on Sunday are somewhat generalized. But in Community Groups we have the entire church praying for each other, for those who need Jesus and for the world.

5. To Join Together on Mission
Since the gospel is the centre point of our community, it will necessarily push us out on mission. A community group is a great way to serve and love your community as a group, pray for your non-church friends and demonstrate Christ’s love to others. As live in Christian community together, we display the gospel in action for unbelievers to see and experience for themselves.


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