Lent Poetry: I Am Eve

During Lent last year I preached a series called Shadows of the Cross: Jesus in the Pentateuch. For Good Friday I wrote 5 poems/readings based off the sermons in the series. For Holy Week, I thought I’d share one with you each day.

I am Eve.
I am Eve, hiding in the bushes. Trying to cover my shame. Trying to hide. Trying to escape. Trying to undo all that I’ve done.

I am Eve. What have I done? Why did I doubt God’s word? Why did I believe that snake?
It sounded good. It seemed right. My heart longed for it to be true.

Did God really say that? Was he really looking out for my good?

Sin. It made such extravagant and desirable promises.
It promised life. Joy. Power. Knowledge. I could be god. I should be god.

Who would have imagined that what looked and seemed so delicious, so desirable, so…. good, could be so foul, so toxic, so shameful.

I am Eve. I believed the lie and doubted God’s good word.
I threw away life out of desire for death.
If only I trusted the one I doubted and doubted the one I trusted.
My every problem comes from believing lies and doubting God’s promises.

I am Eve. Hiding from the God who always sees.
Running from the God who is always there.
Lying to the God who always knows.
Covering myself from the God who made me.

I’m caught. Caught in a perpetual struggle with that snake. Not just me, but all my offspring and his. My generations and his.
A fight that never ends. Locked in a battle I cannot win. A struggle I continually lose. Again and again. Again and again.

I love that snake. I hate that snake. That beautiful, horrible evil snake.

Graciously and gently God gives his good word.
“one day your seed will crush his head”
One day the losing battle will be won.
One day death will die.

Today God covers me. Blood is spilt to cover my shame. Today a sacrifice is made in my place.

I am Eve… I am sin and shame.
I am Eve… I am longing to get back to all that I had and all that I threw away… longing for the God I wanted to replace.
I am Eve… hoping that God will provide. Waiting for the seed that will set everything right again
I am Eve… and I’m waiting for Jesus.