Lent Poetry: I Am Noah

During Lent last year I preached a series called Shadows of the Cross: Jesus in the Pentateuch. For Good Friday I wrote 6 poems/readings based off the sermons in the series. For Holy Week, I thought I’d share one with you each day.

I am Noah.
I and my family alone in a wicked world.
I’m trying to lead my family right in a world gone wrong.
From one generation to the next, I’m watching evil increase and increase.

I am Noah.
Given the strangest of jobs. God told me to devote my life to building massive boat. Here: hundreds of miles from the ocean. In faith that He will send such a storm as to flood the earth.
He will judge the earth.
He will wash this place clean.
He will destroy and recreate.
He will give rest to this restless world.

I am Noah. Planning. Designing. Building. Working. Believing that God will do what he says.
Believing that the storm will come. God will judge sin.               I’m not being mocked in vain.

I am Noah, as God shuts the door, judging the world. Drawing a line in the sand.
I’m watching as the clouds form and billow. The first claps of thunder sound.
The first drops of rain become a shower. The shower becomes a rainstorm. The rainstorm becomes a monsoon. The monsoon becomes a flood.

God is righteous judge. God will do right. God will be just. God will be God.
The Creator undoing His creation. The Maker unmakes.
All that was good so tragically twisted and corrupted.
God’s good creation filled with evil. Evil procreating with Evil to produce Evil.
A world of rebels. A world of treason. A world of sin.
A world drowning.

I am Noah. Remembered by God.
As I watching the waters recede, as I watch God re-create, I can’t help but think that I should not be on this boat. This salvation is not my own. This life is not deserved.
I too am sin. I too am evil. I too rebel. I too am broken.
I too deserve judgement. I too deserve a flood.
How is it that I am on this boat? How is it that I am spared?
How am I on this vessel of grace floating above a sea of judgement?

As the receding waters of judgement reveal the land of re-creation, I do the only thing I should in that moment: I lay stone upon stone and build an altar and sacrifice. I offer a substitute.

I am Noah…. I am sin and rebellion.
I am Noah…. offering a substitute in my place. Receiving mercy instead of judgement.
I am Noah…. still broken and corrupted in a re-created world.
I am Noah…. still waiting for rest from this curse.
I am Noah… and I’m waiting for Jesus.