Lent Poetry: I Am Isaac

During Lent last year I preached a series called Shadows of the Cross: Jesus in the Pentateuch. For Good Friday I wrote 5 poems/readings based off the sermons in the series. For Holy Week, I thought I’d share one with you each day.

I am Isaac.
I am Isaac, rising early in the morning, watching my dad saddle the donkey and chop firewood.
“we’re going to worship the Lord.” he said. “we’re going to sacrifice.”

On the third day of walking, we saw the spot, just at the top of this hill.
I loaded the wood for the sacrifice and carried it on my back, up that long hill.

But something wasn’t adding up.

“Yes, my son?”
“I see we’ve got the wood for the altar. We’ve got fire. We’ve even got a knife. But where is the lamb for the sacrifice?”
“God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.”

God will provide. God. Will. Provide.

I soon realized that I was the lamb. I was the sacrifice. It’s my life that was forfeit. My very life, my future, my existence belongs to God. It’s not mine. It’s His.

God will provide. And He Did!
God provided a substitute in my place. God provided for himself a lamb.
A knife’s thrust away from the end, God provided.
There in the thicket, caught by his horns, a ram. A gift. A substitute.
His life for mine. My life for his.

Dad and I worshipped that day. We sacrificed. We stood together as the fire crackled and smoke rose up and up to the heavens.
I watched as my substitute was sacrificed in my place, on my altar.

As the smoke rose, Dad and I turned around and walked away. Free. Alive. Back from the dead.

Dad and I walked together back down that hill.

Dad named that place “The Lord will Provide.” We still call it that to this day. The place where the Lord provided my substitute.

I am Isaac….My life is forfeit. It’s owed back to God.
I am Isaac… trusting that God will provide.
I am Isaac….watching my substitute die on my altar.
I am Isaac…. and I’m waiting for Jesus.