Yes, I Wrote a Book.

Yes, I wrote a book.

Over the last couple years at TAC, we’ve been meeting and ministering the gospel to more and more people who have no Christian background or familiarity with the biblical story. On three occasions in the last couple years I’ve given someone their first Bible and had to explain things like how there are two testaments, that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are biographies of Jesus named after their authors, and so on. These are exciting conversations and it’s such a joy to see people coming to faith in Christ who had no previous background with Christianity.

In this context of regular ministry, I was looking for a book that was a short, simple explanation of the gospel that would give a foundation for those who are brand new to Christian faith, as well as show how the gospel must transform our lives. I know of a number of books that do a fine job of this, but with the particular people I had in mind, they simply weren’t going to read a 240 page Tim Keller book. They needed something shorter and simpler. Additionally, many of the books I thought were aimed an American audience and assumed too much biblical knowledge.

I saw this as an opportunity to write the book that I was envisioning. I had always wanted to write a book, and had put it on my list of goals for 2011. And so I’m excited to finally announce the release of The Hero: How The Story of God Shapes Our Life Together.

You can pick up a copy:

  1. At the Information Centre at Tsawwassen Alliance Church  (for $10)
  2. At (for $12.99 US). It will be available on in few weeks.
  3. Or send me an email and I’ll get one to you the next time I see you (for $10).

I’ll be posting excerpts on this blog over the next little while, but for now I’ll include the table of contents to give you a sense of the flow of the book.

Welcome to the Story
Part One: The Story
1. The Very Good Beginning
2. The Insurmountable Conflict
3. The Hero Emerges
4. The Climactic Victory
5. The Grand Finale

Part Two: Living in God’s Story
Entering the Story
6. The Gospel Opposes Religion
7. The Gospel Remakes Our Identity
8. The Gospel Shapes Us Into Community
9. The Gospel Restores True Worship
10. The Gospel Sends Us On Mission
Epilogue: Join the Story


3 thoughts on “Yes, I Wrote a Book.

  1. Hey Steve, looks great, I’m looking forward to reading it! Any chance it’ll be available as a kindle download?

  2. Hey buddy, how have you been? Right now, I don’t have plans to make it a e-book download. It’s actually a lot more work than you would think (new isbn, new formatting). So at this point, we’re rocking it old school.

    • Things are really well, life is great. Old school is all good, I’ll snag it off amazon once it comes available.

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