2011 Reading

A few years ago I decided that I was wasting too much time and not reading enough. I enjoy reading. I read to learn. I read for fun. I read to grow closer to God. But in spite of this, I found that I spent too many evenings watching TV or generally just wasting time. Being a competitive-type, I set a goal for myself to read 52 books in a year. Not that it’s all about quantity, but I thought if I gave myself an easy to track goal it would help me to stay motivated.

So I started keeping a list of the books I read. In the first year (2008), I read 34 books, far short of my goal. In 2009 and 2010 I came pretty close with 49 and 48 respectively. And finally this year, I reached my goal by reading 54 books. Some of these were for school, some for research and some for ordination. Some I read along with others to as training for them in pastoral tasks. You’ll see that some were read twice in the same year. Many were chosen simply for my own enjoyment and growth.

As I survey my year-end list, the one thing that stands out is that I need to read more old books. I do have a small but growing pile of books by long dead authors that awaits my attention. Perhaps I can blame the fact that a great many of the books read in 2011 were assigned to me and not my choice. But perhaps that’s just an excuse.

Below is my 2011 reading list in chronological order. Tomorrow I’ll list my top 10 books read in 2011.

  1. Scott Thomas, Gospel Coach
  2. Bruce Gordon, Calvin
  3. Ken Sande, The Peacemaker
  4. Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace
  5. Bryan Chapell, Holiness by Grace
  6. Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Preaching
  7. Graeme Goldsworthy, According to Plan
  8. Mike Wilkerson, Redemption
  9. Jim Gilmore, The Experience Economy
  10. Hans Finzel, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make
  11. Mark Driscoll, On Church Leadership
  12. Seth Godin, Tribes
  13. Tim Keller, King’s Cross
  14. Justin Holcomb, Rid of My Disgrace
  15. Timothy Witmer, The Shepherd Leader
  16. Alexander Strauch, Biblical Eldership
  17. Sam Storms, A Sincere And Pure Devotion to Christ Vol 1
  18. Sam Storms, A Sincere And Pure Devotion to Christ Vol 2
  19. Mark Driscoll, On Church Leadership
  20. Colin Marshall and Tony Payne, The Trellis and the Vine
  21. Stephen Mansfield, The Search for God and Guinness
  22. David Platt, Radical
  23. Darrell Bock, Luke 1-9:50, BECNT
  24. Tim Keller, Generous Justice
  25. Harold Best, Unceasing Worship
  26. C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms
  27. C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory
  28. Michael Horton, Putting Amazing Back into Grace
  29. N.D. Wilson, Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl
  30. Francis Chan, Erasing Hell
  31. Robert Stein, Jesus the Messiah
  32. Carole Tavris, Elliot Aronson, Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me)
  33. Kent Hughes, Luke vol 1
  34. Timmis & Chester, Total Church
  35. Niklas, Stawin, Stoesz, All for Jesus
  36. Stanley Fish, How to Write a Sentence
  37. David Powlison, Seeing with New Eyes
  38. Craig Blomberg, Neither Poverty Nor Riches
  39. Benjamin Merkle, 40 Questions About Elders and Deacons
  40. Jamie Munson, Money: God or Gift
  41. Phil Ryken, Luke Volume 1: Chapters 1-12
  42. Eugene Peterson, Under the Unpredictable Plant
  43. Paul David Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands
  44. Mike Wilkerson, Redemption
  45. Lindsay Reynolds, Footprints: The History of the C&MA in Canada
  46. Lewis & Lewis, Inductive Preaching
  47. Winter & Hawthorne, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  48. Marshall & Payne, The Trellis & The Vine
  49. Brad House, Community
  50. Tim Keller, The Meaning of Marriage
  51. Jared Wilson, Gospel Wakefulness
  52. Dave Harvey, Rescuing Ambition
  53. Nancy Guthrie, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
  54. Tullian Tchividjian, Jesus + Nothing = Everything