Top 10 Posts of 2011

TOP 10 POSTS OF 2011No one’s really sure why, but these are the posts that garnered the most attention on the blog in 2011. Here’s my top 10 of 2011:

Yes, I Wrote a Book (November 8, 2011)
My announcement and video summary of the book I wrote.

Bono on Karma vs. Grace (August 23, 2011)
I compiled three quotes from Bono that vividly capture the message of the gospel, taken from Michka Assayas great book Bono.

Triperspectivalism and Ministry (March 18, 2011)
An ever so brief introduction to the triperspectival approach to ministry.

Gospel Ministry as Prophet, Priest and King  (March 18,2011)
A follow-up post to the one above giving a taste of how triperspectivalism can be played out in the context of whole church, community group and one-on-one ministry.

True Manliness (June 16, 2011)
The morning after the Stanley Cup riot, I wrote this article for our church bulletin that Sunday, which was Father’s day. All that violence and aggression got me wondering about true manliness.

Your First Business (May 19, 2011)
These words that John Piper shared with me in a Q & A session 4 years ago still stick with me.

Rioting, Restoration and Justice (June 17, 2011)
In the days following the Stanley Cup riot, it was fascinating to listen to the varied response of our city. In this post, two days after the riot, I reflect on the movements of restoration and justice that emerged in the wake of the riot.

What Kind of Critic? (April 6, 2011)
Thoughts gleaned from Mark Driscoll on how not all criticism is the same. Different kinds of critics deserve different kinds of response. I found these thoughts to be quite helpful.

Jesus is Alive! (April 24, 2011)
Why I can’t stand the song “He Lives” and other musings, in this Easter Sunday article I wrote for our church.

Wait. What Did Thomas Just Do? (April 5, 2011)
While reading this Thomas story with my kids, some questions needed to be asked after I learned that the publishers had changed the title of the book from the original edition.