The Purpose of All Things

THE PURPOSE OF ALL THINGSA new year gives us cause to review goals and set new ones. It’s a time to reflect on our hopes and purposes. This is a season of reflecting and planning. So as a new year begins, a question worth re-asking of us is, what are we here for?

The big picture message of the Bible is that the purpose of creation, the purpose of all God does, the purpose of all things is the glorification of God through the display of the supreme worth of Jesus. As John Piper says, “the universe exists for the glorification of Jesus in the admiration of his people.” Our purpose is to joyfully and passionately and extravagantly enjoy Jesus and in so doing put on display his supreme worth and glorify his name. Piper again: “Our worship is the subjective echo of Jesus’ objective worth. The intensity of our gladness echoes the immensity of his glory.” We worship as individuals, families and a church to subjectively echo the objective worth of Jesus. Our joy and passion, the force of our enjoyment of Jesus points others to the supremacy of his worth. We display Jesus as the world’s supreme treasure as we enjoy him as our own supreme treasure.

Glorifying God by enjoying Jesus. This is why you exist. As Paul puts it, God “predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will, to the praise of His glorious grace” (Eph 1.5-6). God chose us, and adopted us through Christ as a gracious and loving act of his divine will for the ultimate goal of putting on display the immense glory of his unbelievable grace towards sinners. We display this glorious grace best when we marvel and enjoy it most deeply.

So a new year calls us back to our true purpose. 2013 is calling us to glorify God by enjoying Jesus. 2013 is calling us to be who God made us to be: worshippers, glorifying God and enjoying him forever.