Clear Minds & Dirty Feet


My friend Jon Morrison’s new book on apologetics is now available. It’s called Clear Minds & Dirty Feet: A Reason to Hope, A Message to Share. I was able to read a preview copy and would recommend it to you.

Here is the blurb I wrote for it:
Jon Morrison is an excellent communicator. With clarity, humour, and insight, Jon shows the reasonableness of the Christian faith, dealing capably with the most common objections. His ability to break down difficult concepts into everyday street-level language makes this a valuable book for Christians and skeptics alike.

And the description from the back cover:
A skeptical generation questions the credibility of Christian truth claims. Christians, while believing in truth, are not equipped to explain why their beliefs are true. This is a big problem. This book aims to solve it. Clear Minds & Dirty Feet is an exciting new resource being recommended by pastors all over Canada. This is the book that you can hand to a struggling student, use as a small group or as a reference to strengthen your own faith. With sound logic, clear analogies and a few helpful cartoons, this book will bring clarity to the difficult questions of faith that believers and unbelievers are wrestling with today. There are many important topics covered in this book. Readers will understand the importance of identifying a worldview, cultural misconceptions about faith and science, evidences for the existence of God, the Christian response to the problem of suffering and evil, the historicity and influence of Jesus Christ, and the historical evidence for the claim that Jesus rose from the dead. Every reader will be challenged to embrace the truth of Christianity for themselves and understand why it is a truth worth sharing with others.

You can pick it up at