His Dominion

His dominionDo you know Canada’s official motto? It’s written on our Coat of Arms, in Parliament, and all kinds of other official places. Since 1921, Canada’s official motto has been A Mari usque ad Mare or “From Sea to Sea” which is a reference to Psalm 72:8, “May he have dominion from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth!”

Around the time of confederation it was common to refer to the Dominion of Canada as “His dominion.” There was a great desire to see Canada be a nation under God’s rule and reign. Prior to 1983 July 1st was still called Dominion Day, recognizing the sovereignty of God.

While the religious atmosphere of our country has changed greatly over the years, our prayer must remain the same. We still desire to see God have dominion from sea to sea. We agree with the Canadian Christians of a century and a half ago that Canada ultimately is God’s land, it’s His Dominion. And while at times all we see is an increasing secularization, there is also a great resurgence of evangelical faith taking place in Canada. While many denominations are struggling, declining and dying, evangelicals are planting new churches, starting new ministries, and bringing the gospel to unreached places and people.

The future is bright for the gospel in Canada. It’s still His Dominion. He still rules from sea to sea. The gospel is still true. His Spirit is still moving. Let’s re-commit ourselves to speaking the gospel, making disciples, planting new churches and doing all we can to see the kingdom of God spread from sea to sea in our great nation.