Riding for Ratanak


We need your help! On October 5 Melissa and I are loading up the kidlets and riding 10km in the Ride for Refuge to raise funds and awareness for Ratanak International, a Christian NGO that is passionate about empowering Cambodians through providing access to education, medical and social services and are focused on helping to end child sex slavery.

When I went to Cambodia last year I wasr4r2 introduced to some of the corruption and evil that takes place there. Frequently Cambodian girls (and boys) will be sold into brothels as young as the age of 6. Pedophiles from Canada and other developed nations will travel to Cambodia to pay to sexually assault these children.

Ratanak was founded by Brian McConaghy, a former RCMP officer from Richmond. In Cambodia Brian introduced our team to the issue of sex trafficking in Cambodia, but also to several programs being run by Ratanak and their partners to rescue and rehabilitate these young girls. It was amazing for me personally to see girls who had been raped perhaps thousands of times so transformed by the gospel and the love of God that they now have joy and hope and a future.

Last year we rode 10km in pouring rain and as a family raised $1131.01 (with Steve raising $0.99 more with a last second donation!).  The weather was miserable, but the kids were troopers, and we were spurred on knowing we were making a difference in the lives of those who have suffered far worse than cold, rain and sore muscles.

4 Jeremy 3 Eva 2 Noah

This year we’re hoping to raise at least $1000 for Ratanak and make a difference in the lives of those who have been affected by sex slavery. Though we’re in this as a family, bragging rights are on the line to see who can raise more!

Will you partner with us by making a donation? You can donate online and support Steve, or Melissa, or any of the good folks on Team Tallbike. Alternatively, you can give us a cheque in person, payable to “Ride for Refuge”, with one of our names in the memo line.

Thank-you for your partnership!